We Invest in People

Our team members support a range of interests that serve to improve our social fabric in our surrounding communities.

Community Investment Solutions

We believe in the power of community service and volunteering to meet important needs that may not be adequately addressed in our current social system. We believe that those who want to make the world a better place must be the agents of the change they wish to see.

  • IIG Partners Foundation
  • IIGPF Incubator Program
  • SDIRA Real Estate Investing

IIG Partners Foundation

The Foundation inspires donors to pool their resources and intellectual capital to collectively build stronger communities. IIGPF strives to work with nonprofits and small businesses to expand the definition of community support to include community engagement, capacity-building investing, skills-based volunteerisms, and network creation.

IIGPF Incubator Program

In partnership with IIG Suites & IIG Partners Foundation, our incubator works to create an intimate business setting that facilitates collaboration. By providing a thriving work environment and curating networking opportunities for entrepreneurs, non-profits & creatives; we have created our own synergistic small business community. Our growing list of support services includes learning sessions (Coffee Chat Series/ Lunch-n-Learns), a mentorship program, networking events, and advisory/business planning services.

SDIRA Real Estate Investing

We are committed to promoting financial literacy within our growing community circle including educating people on the power of investing through their retirement funds. We show private investors how to use their retirement funds to invest in real estate using Self-Directed IRA Accounts. All investments are secured by real estate privately owned and managed by Integrity Investments Group.

Data Driven

Creative solutions driven by data.


Most advanced recruiting in the industry


Customized staffing software for each customer.

Administrative & IT Support

Agencies must struggle with constantly evolving technologies, compliance requirements, and complexity of information security. Our people, processes and solutions can help federal leaders accomplish more with greater efficiencies by implementing right technologies, reducing operational cost, and ensuring compliance to meet growing expectation of citizens and better serve them.

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